Exceptional Charter Experiences in Coastal Virginia

Allow Nomad Maritime to assist you in creating a truly exclusive nautical experience. Whether it’s a getaway voyage to quaint coastal towns, a business luncheon with a unique perspective on Hampton Roads’ industries, or pier-side party for friends or colleagues, Nomad Maritime provides a venue that is unmatched, and individualized service to create unparalleled memories for our clients. Nomad Maritime is perfect for clients looking for nautical luxury, customizable itineraries, or venue to hold a memorable event.

Nomad Maritime


Half-Day Charter (Lunch/Dinner Cruise)

3 hours underway

Full Day Charter

6 hours underway

Pier-side Events

Allows for more guests. Concerts, Ceremonies, etc.

Extended Charters

Multiple days, allows for travel outside of Hampton Roads

Special/Holiday Events

To Be Announced. Examples include July 4th Fireworks, Christmas lights (need to find out how many are visible from the river), Valentine’s Day dinner.

Features & Benefits

Unique Venue

Nomad Maritime provides a unique venue to host guests. The M/V Paul Johansen is a well-appointed yacht with an interesting history. Formerly a vessel for the Norwegian Navy, it is a steel hull ice-breaking vessel, with the luxurious wooden and plush interior that provides her guests with comfort during their voyages.

Personal Touch

Each guest has their own vision for their event or excursion, and Nomad Maritime has a passion for including those personal touches. Customization is paramount to each charter experience: including itinerary, cuisine, and activities. Nomad Maritime intends to add the personal touch to both a pier-side party to a weekend for two, and leave guests feeling like we created the best experience for them.

Focus on Quality

Nomad Maritime networks with local vendors to provide the best accommodations to our guests. Quality begins with us, providing a personalized experience during voyage planning to disembarkation. It continues by showcasing a well-maintained vessel with a vintage feeling and modern comfort. The focus on quality culminates with well-planned destinations, delicious meals, and a pleasant crew to assist in the experience.

Exceptional Experiences

In combining all these features our hope is to have them culminate in a truly exceptional experience for our clients. Whether it be for celebrations of personal milestones or the recognition of professional success, Nomad Maritime’s goal is to set the stage for memories that will last a lifetime.

Norfolk Charter Yacht Boat Crew

About Nomad Maritime

Nomad Maritime was established in 2023 to provide clients in the Coastal Virginia area a unique nautical experience. We have found that there are many larger commercial operations in the Hampton Roads area, but nothing that is focused on the individual needs/desires. When we think of milestone life events, we want to provide a unique option to enhance those memories. Our crew has over 20 years of individual maritime experience on a variety of vessels. We showcase M/V Paul Johansen, which is maintained and operated by Nomad Maritime, and is unlike any vessel locally. Nomad Maritime would like to offer a taste of classic luxury to the Hampton Roads community.

Additionally, Nomad Maritime offers M/V Silver Fox, a Hifield 860. The Silver Fox is available for charter as a training vessel, and bareboat charter depending on the clients’ needs, experience, and qualifications.

From the bustling Norfolk Harbor, to the serene Elizabeth River, to the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean beyond, our luxury charter services open up a world of maritime adventures, making it an ideal option for those seeking to embrace the sea with style and comfort.

Create Lasting Memories, Underway.

Reach out to start planning your luxury experience with Nomad Maritime.

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