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About Nomad Maritime

Nomad Maritime was established in 2023 to provide clients in the Coastal Virginia area a unique nautical experience. We have found that there are many larger commercial operations in the Hampton Roads area, but nothing that is focused on the individual needs/desires. When we think of milestone life events, we want to provide a unique option to enhance those memories. Our crew has over 20 years of individual maritime experience on a variety of vessels.

Norfolk Charter Yacht Boat Crew

Norfolk and Virginia Beach, Virginia, boast a thriving maritime scene, and charter boat services play a pivotal role in offering residents and visitors an unparalleled nautical experience. Nestled along the picturesque Chesapeake Bay, charter boat services provide an array of options for those seeking to explore the region’s waterways.

Whether it’s a corporate outing, a day trip with family and friends, or a celebration event, Nomad Maritime caters to diverse interests and occasions. Our experienced captains and well-equipped vessels ensure a safe and enjoyable journey, while the area’s rich maritime history adds a cultural dimension to the experience. From the bustling Norfolk Harbor to the serene Elizabeth River, our charter boat services open up a world of maritime adventures, making it an ideal destination for those seeking to embrace the sea with style and comfort.

Create Lasting Memories, Underway.

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